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NSN ODA Weapon Rack

CWR22 & CWR23 model Combat Weapon Racks store one tier of 6 crew-served rifles vertically with hooks for spare barrel bags or suppressors and one tier of 6 SOPMOD M4s with 12 M9s in the same cabinet. Each rack features a fully slotted back panel allowing for adjustment of barrel saddles on 1" vertical increments for optimal placement.

Each kitted Combat Weapon Rack listed below includes our slotted adjustable base (2) with one bracket pair for a 2nd tier configuration, 12 pairs of Combat Weapon Holders, 12 Combat Barrel Saddles & 1 12 capacity pistol peg strips & 6 hooks for spare barrel bags or suppressors. This rack also includes 4 narrow depth shelves for clip/mag storage or small parts. These components will allow for the storage of any combination of 6 M240B, M249 SAW, M110, M24, M107, MK13, MK17, MK20 & 6 SOPMOD M4s with 12 M9s. Because our weapon holders and barrel saddles are adjustable and universal these racks can be configured to store like weapons without having to purchase weapon specific accessories with the exception of heavy machine gun bases.

Weapons can be stored with all SOPMOD attachements without impacting storage capacity inside the weapon rack. We have several NSN Weapon Racks configured for M4s without SOPMOD attachments as well as other weapons with bi-pods requiring more space between weapons.

Combat High Density Weapons Racks are TACOM certified & come standard with either a 9 or 10 point locking system exceeding OPNAVINST 5530.13C & AR 190-11 for arms storage requirements. Please call with any rack configuration questions.

Rack Dimensions: CWR22-25: 85" H x 36" W x 15" D
National Stock Number
CWR22 - 6 SOPMOD M4s, 12 pistols and 6 crew serves with spare barrel bags. 9 point locking system
1095-01-612-2511 CWR23 - 6 SOPMOD M4s, 12 pistols and 6 crew serves with spare barrel bags. 10 point locking system
1095-01-612-2517 CWR24 - Stores 12 SOPMOD M4s, 24 pistols and 6 storage shelves. 9 point locking system.
1095-01-612-2519 CWR25 - Stores 12 SOPMOD M4s, 24 pistols and 6 storage shelves. 10 point locking system

NSN ODA Weapon Racks

NSN Weapon Racks for 6 crew serves and 6 SOPMOD M4s with 12 M9s.

Only Combat Weapon Racks reverse bi-folding doors allow for access to half of the weapon storage rack inventory without obstructing aisles or adjacent racks.

Fully Adjustable Interior Components
NSN ODA Weapon Rack, Special Forces Weapon Racks
Combat Weapon Racks interior components are adjustable to store assorted rifles side by side independently in the same weapon rack.

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