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Brigade Weapon Racks - Battalion Weapon Racks - Company Weapon Racks

Army Brigade Weapon Racks, Army Battalion Weapon Racks & Army Company Weapon Racks require a wide array of weapon systems to be stored securely for efficient storage and retrieval within company arms rooms. Combat Weapon Racks highlight & meet the storage requirements of Army company arms rooms.


M12 Small Arms Storage Racks

M12 Small Arms Racks do not meet the needs of the war fighter, not able to secure optics attached to M4s or store varying weapon systems side by side.

Company Arms Room Weapon Rack layout

US ARMY Brigades consist of multiple battalions and the companies each battalion consists of. The diversity of arms storage requirements within an Army Brigade will highlight the features Combat Weapon Storage Systems offers inside Combat High Density Weapon Racks. The ability to meet the requirement for an entire brigade at a cost-effective, high density solution is where our product will exceed our competition. Combat Weapon Storage Systems™ does not offer a one size fits all solution. We will build our racks to meet your requirements, every time.

US ARMY Battalions consist of multiple unit companies, each with varying requirements inside their respective armories. The ability to mix and match unique weapon systems within Combat Weapon Racks greatly benefits Army Battalions storing anything from rifles & shotguns to heavy weapons such as M-2s, MK-19s/MK-47s and mortars. Have something we haven't seen before? Send us weapon specifications and we will engineer components to meet your requirements.

US ARMY Company's consist of multiple platoons or squads inclusive of a Battalion. Each Company will have different weapon density requirements, with the necessity to change from an M-16 to M-4 platform a common theme as units continue to receive the M-4 series weapons. The adjustment needed to change to an M-4 platform from the M-16 inside Combat Weapon Racks is as simple as disengaging the barrel saddle from our fully slotted back panel and dropping it to the required height of the M-4. Each barrel saddle is independently adjustable, allowing the armorer to store different weapon systems side by side.

TACOM Certified Weapon Racks - Combat Weapon Racks meet & exceed physical security requirements (AR 190-11 & OPNAVINST 5530.13C) with racks bolted side to side, back to back and anchored into the mobile carriage. Combat Weapon Racks are TACOM approved with a variety of kitted racks now available for purchase through DLA supply channels. National Stock Numbers for Combat Weapon Racks have been issued for these kitted racks. Combat Weapon Racks without issued NSNs can be field certified by the local LAR.

Site survey's for your arms rooms are vital to meet your unique space, storage and retrieval requirement. With solutions ranging from Fixed Racks, Mobile Carriage Systems, or even our transport racks, give us a call and request a site survey so we can help measure your space and work to design a high density weapon storage solution built to meet the needs of the warfighter.

Combat Weapon Storage Systems are also available on GSA Schedule GS-07F-0661W.

Army Brigade Weapon Racks
M4 Weapon Racks
M4s stored with optics attached, M9s and detached NVGs in the same rack organize arms rooms.

Company Arms Rooms
Mobile Carriage Weapon Rack Systems
Combat Weapon Racks on mobile carriage systems reduces the space requirement for racks in your armory.


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