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Fixed Weapon Racks -

Fixed Weapon Racks are stationary weapon racks, typically installed around the perimeter of your armory or coming out into the space creating multiple aisles for access. Combat Weapon Racks installed in fixed weapon rack configurations are pre-punched for bolting racks side to side, back to back or into the wall and anchoring to the floor. Fixed weapon racks can be installed inside existing arms rooms, portable armories & MILCON projects for future construction and can also later be added onto a high density mobile carriage system to maximize weapon density.

Combat Weapon Racks are available for purchase through supply channels using National Stock Numbers issued.

Fixed Weapon Racks from Combat Weapon Storage Systems™ exceed AR 190-11 & OPNAVINST 5530.13C physical security requirements. Fixed weapon racks are available with on site assembly services if you do not have the manpower to bring the racks into your armory and bolt the racks together and attach them to your facility.

Fixed Arms Room Weapon Racks
M12 Small Arms Rack Arms Room

Fixed Arms Room Weapon Racks

Typical Armory Weapon Rack System

Fixed Weapon Racks installed back to back
Weapon Racks bolted side to side

Combat Weapon Racks installed back to back

Combat Weapon Racks bolted side to side

Fixed Weapon Racks
M240 Weapon Racks store M240B with spare barrel bags and storage shelves above
Fixed weapon racks secured to your facility.

Stationary Weapon Racks
Stackable Weapon Racks
Combat Weapon Racks available as full height or stackable weapon racks.


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