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Mobile Carriage Weapon Racks

Mobile Carriage Weapon Racks are installed on top of mobile carriage systems, giving armories the largest weapon density available. Combat Weapon Racks installed on top of mobile carriages can double your space by eliminating aisles in between every row of weapon racks. High Density Mobile Storage Systems for weapon racks can be installed inside existing arms rooms, portable armories & MILCON projects for future construction.

Mobile Carriage Systems are available as electric, mechanical assist (hand crank) or as lateral mobile carriage systems. The space inside your armory, your access requirements and your weapon density will dictate whether a high density weapon storage system is required in place of free-standing fixed weapon racks.

Mobile Carriage Weapon Racks have tracks installed on top of your existing concrete floor or can be embedded in concrete for construction projects. For systems installed on top of existing concrete slabs, a floor is built from plywood in between the tracks for a level floor and then finishing with your flooring choice. A transition is installed from the first track of the system to just under the edge of the end panel for easy access in and out of the system.

Weapon Racks installed on mobile carriages meet & exceed physical security requirements (AR 190-11 & OPNAVINST 5530.13C) with racks bolted side to side, back to back and anchored into the mobile carriage.

Combat Weapon Storage Systems has implemented Rolling Weapon Rack Systems globally, including multiple systems in Europe, the Middle East, South America & Asia.

Compact Storage Weapon Racks
Mobile Storage System Weapon Racks
Fully grouted & anchored track and rail system completes a leveled track and deck system. Multiple carriages improve weapon density and reduces required floor space free standing racks require.
Mobile Aisle Weapon Rack Systems
Lateral Mobile Weapon Rack Systems
VCT, Carpet or rubber flooring options are available for finished floor options on Mobile Aisle Weapon Rack installations. Installation inside an ARMAG vault. Combat Weapon Racks installed on Lateral Mobile Carriage systems present a unique high density storage solution not requiring the total floor space.
Arms Room Mobile Weapon Storage
Rolling Weapon Rack Systems
Portable Arms Room Mobile Weapon Storage installation provides high density weapon storage in compact spaces. Laminate End Panels complete turnkey Rolling Weapon Rack installation.


Mobile Carriage Systems
Mobile Carriage Weapon Rack Installation
Mobile Carriage Systems maximize weapon density inside of armories.

Portable Armory Weapon Racks
Portable Armory Weapon Racks
Combat Weapon Racks on mobile carriage systems installed inside a portable armory building.


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