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Police & Sheriff Weapon Racks

Police & Sheriff Departments armories vary in size depending on the department with the larger departments having larger armories and storage requirements. Combat Weapon Racks fully slotted modular back panel highlights the ability to store a diverse range of weapons side by side independently. Inside police and sheriff units weapons such as lethal and less lethal shotguns, gas guns, tasers, pistols, AR-15s, sub-machine guns commonly are stored together, requiring single individually adjustable barrel saddles to accommodate different weapon systems.

SWAT Teams carry mil-spec weaponry requiring a diverse range of configuration possibilities. Among these storage configurations is the SOPMOD (special ops attachments) stored attached to the weapons. Storing lasers, NVGs, tactical lights and other accessories attached to the weapons without having to rezero your attachments every day is possible with no additional accessories required.

Combat Weapon Storage Systems prime focus within each weapon rack is to achieve independent adjustability per weapon with a 1:1 weapon to barrel saddle ratio. Having a 1:1 weapon to barrel saddle ratio (1 weapon, 1 barrel saddle) allows the armorer to adjust barrel saddles vertically without impacting adjacent weapons in a moments notice. Without a fully slotted back panel or individual barrel saddles, achieving a 1:1 ratio is not possible.

Police and Sheriff Departments can store their inventory of weapons in our secure Combat Weapon Racks, with a 10 point locking system as standard or if your arms room meets your physical security requirements, in our Combat Weapon Shelving system.

Weapon racks can be fixed and anchored to the wall, floor and side to side or installed on mobile carriages for higher density requirements.

Combat Weapon Racks meet & exceed US DOD physical security requirements (AR 190-11 & OPNAVINST 5530.13C).

Law Enforcement Weapon Racks
Law Enforcement Weapon Racks, mixed in with Combat Weapon Shelving
Combat Weapon Racks configured side by side


Law Enforcement Weapon Racks
Law Enforcement Weapon Racks
Shotguns stored with M4s.

SWAT Team Weapon Racks
SWAT Team Weapon Racks
Combat Weapon Racks store SWAT weapon systems including all weapon attachments.


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